When Must I See A Dermatologist For My Acne?

Some would say that it is best to see a dermatologist as soon as possible after the first outbreak. There is some sense in this – you get a professional treatment plan put in place at the beginning making it easier to beat the acne and lessening the risk of scars developing. It does seem like an ideal situation. The problem is that dermatologists are specialists and so it can work out pricey to consult them.

If your acne is mild and there are not many cysts, then you might want to try some over the counter remedies before going to the dermatologist. Ask your local pharmacist for advice on the best over the counter treatments to use. They will usually advise you to start with lower dose options and work your way up in need. The advantage of speaking to your pharmacist is that they know how effective the products are and they will, in need, tell you that you should consult a dermatologist.

Overhaul your diet and your cleansing routine. Cleanse your skin gently in the mornings before going out and at night before bed. Follow up with a suitable moisturizer and you are ready to go. As far as diet is concerned – steer clear of sugar and refined foods. Add in a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and make sure that you eat high quality protein with every meal. Adjust your diet so that you have no sugar slumps or spikes.

Then you need to be patient. Give it four to six weeks. If there is no improvement after that time, and you have scrupulously followed the instructions on the products and been very careful what to eat, you should look into consulting a dermatologist. Sometimes it does take a little tweaking to find the best solution for you. If you’re looking for effective acne products, visit http://www.proacnetiv.com.

What if your acne is severe? If you have severe acne, go and see a dermatologist immediately. You should also consult a dermatologist immediately if you have a lot of large cysts on your face. It is these cysts that leave that classic acne pock marked look when they burst. The dermatologist is able to inject a solution into the cyst that helps to quell the inflammation and reduce the risk of the cyst bursting. The cyst will be reabsorbed painlessly after a couple of days.

The best indicator as to when to see a dermatologist though is how the acne is affecting your life. If you find it debilitating, book a consult now.